• Kyston Drop Em
Kyston Drop Em
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Kryston Drop Em

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Kryston Drop Em


This product is essential for those concerned about hook-lengths looping off the bottom. Drop Em is any easy-to-use tungsten wax compound that instantly sinks all brands of mono and braids. 
Super grip formula, applied in seconds. Moves only when pushed. Makes superb anchor point for bonding Heavy Metal. Long lasting. On average one tub will last a full season. Very simple to apply, can be used in two ways. Either mould directly onto the line, (two mouse dropping sizes are sufficient). 
Alternatively simply apply it like a crayon or marker pen by rubbing on to mark a short section to the hook-length. Instantly improves presentation giving perfect sink rate to all known hook-lengths. 
User-friendly. Non-toxic. Essential for all forward thinkers. Highly recommended!

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