• Kryston Snake-Skin 20mt
Kryston Snake-Skin 20mt
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Kryston Snake-Skin 20mt

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Kryston Snake-Skin 20mt


On many waters catch rates decrease due to angling pressure. When pursuing ultra cautious fish this product has often proved to make all the difference. An inner core of Kryston Multi Strand the most undetectable line in the world has been encapsulated with a unique removable anti-tangle coating. 
Once a section of coating near the hook has been removed the ultra soft core is exposed allowing totally unfettered presentation of bait. As the bait is mouthed the multi-stranded fibres automatically flatten on touch. Unlike hard mono or stiff rigs this makes detection for line-shy fish extremely difficult. 
Removing the coating allows you to make a wide variety of proven rigs all fished in a tangle-free manner. Unique multi-links, knotless combi-links, hinge rigs all made in seconds with any make of hook or swivel. Ideal on waters where fish have wised-up to predictable rigs. Superb silkweed camouflage instantly blends in with all weedy areas. 
Snake-Skin Availability - 20m Spools 
* Silkweed Green 

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